Guide to Cooking Paella Outdoors


If you want to entertain family and friends with good food, one fantastic way to do it is to cook paella over an open fire, outdoors. Paella cooking has its secret, and one of them is to cook it with the best ingredients in a shallow pan. The key ingredients to cooking great paella are bomba rice, Spanish olive oil, and authentic saffron threads. You should use gourmet quality items because it is worth the expense.

It is fun to cook Happy Paella outside on an open fire. You simply need a way to safely have a nice wood fire that will allow you to put a paella pan over the heat. Simply use an inexpensive fire pit. You can simply even create your own using gardening bricks to add height and direct the heat towards the pan. And over the pit, you need a large grills grate similar to the one you use for camping. Your grill grate should be heavy to carry the heavy weight of the paella pan and so it will not bend the grate and fall over.

The wood to use can be any of the following: pine, cotton, wood, oak, mesquite, cherry, or apple. They all work well although the best flavors will be with oak and mesquite. In paella, you cannot usually detect the smoke and the flavoring is very subtle. You can start cooking with inexpensive pine wood and then move towards the hardwood when there is a good bed of cooking coals going.

Cooking paella is this manner is not much different from cooking it inside on a gas range. When the fire has burned down to coals with a few pieces to keep the fire going and hot, you can put the pan on the grate. Let it warm and then add the olive oil. When the oil is hot enough to cook an onion, start following your recipe for paella. The slow cooking items are put in first like the chicken, squid, and fish. Then you place them in a warm bowl when they are done cooking. Add a bit more olive ail then your onion and ginger and other vegetables like bell peppers.If you want to learn more about cooking, you can visit

The rice should be added at some point in the cooking. We push the vegetables and things in the pan on one side then add the rice and brown it a bit. It doesn’t get brown but it gets a bit firmer and crisper when the dish is done. Add stock and stir together. The last thing you w ill cook is the saffron.

When the liquid starts to cook in, there is no more stirring the paella. The liquid will slowly cook until completely absorbed. The rice will be a little caramelized under the pan which is called socarrat. The rice will be a crispy, golden brown. The art of cooking paella at kookworkshop Amsterdam is getting good socarrat. You can take years to master this art.


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